Holiday Advice

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Immediately following Thanksgiving is the Christmas season.  It is a time for love, giving and coming together no matter our differences.  It is a time to forgive each other and of course, a time to eat!  I know that we have had our differences over the past year through blood and sweat, but can I ask a favor?  Set aside the heated conversations and enjoy a holiday dinner with family.  There are many families worldwide that have nothing to eat.  They don’t have shelter, warmth or money.  They have uncertain days ahead.  Can we set aside the negativity, grudges and harshness, and enjoy family, friends and peace?  This season would be a pleasure if we did those things.  So maybe you can surprise a person in need with a visit or help your local food pantry.  Whatever you do, please do it with love, generosity and kindness.

Thank you

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