Happy Halloween

Dad and I went to the ultimate Halloween event in our area and it was creepy.  I went a few years ago with Dad and Grandpa a few years ago and the place expanded the creepiness.  One person was dressed as a transvestite and they talked to me.  When we were let in, they let the staff know that I was coming.  There were four people ahead of us that we didn’t know and they told the staff that we were with them.  It worked out because they helped us through many obstacles.  This year the haunted house had four parts to it and took 45 minutes to complete.  One part was a cemetery and it was creepy.  It was a good night for it because the air was cold and crisp.  There was a gunman and a guy with a chain saw that really scared me.

One of the characters asked me to type something on my Dynavox so I typed the word “Boo”.  They laughed.  I really had a good time.  It was the best Halloween event I have been to.

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