Fun Facts About Me

Since summer is starting, I figured that I would post a lighthearted blog. I have put ten fun facts about myself. I hope you enjoy them.

  1. I have been wearing petites sizes since junior high school. I have openly objected to entering juniors during teenage years because I didn’t like the thought of dressing wildly and they are for taller girls. I have since then opened my mind to leggings.
  2. I was a really big fan of the color blue for a really long time. I wanted a blue pumpkin for Halloween one year and back when I was growing up, you couldn’t find a blue pumpkin in the store so one of my uncles painted me a pumpkin blue. Now you can find pumpkins of every color in the store.
  3. I now love Earthtone colors. To me, they are so relaxing and I find that they remind me of nature.
  4. I am obsessed with trains, horses, dogs and anything else country. I also love my Catholic life and I would do anything to help anyone.
  5. I made my confirmation on April 18, 2011 and I took the name Anne.
  6. My top two favorite genres of music are New Age and country music from the nineties.
  7. I have been on a military plane. I went on one called the C5A in 2004.
  8. I went to a Dynavox camp for a weekend in Maine and I miss it every day.
  9. I miss fishing with Grandpa.
  10. I have seen the Statue of Liberty.

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