Four Days of Gratefulness: Day 3

Today I am thankful for food, shelter and warmth.

 You know, growing up, one thing was always made very clear to me.  Not everybody is always as lucky as you are to have food.  I think of this religiously every day and night; every Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  I think of the food drives going on at the grocery stores.  I think of the food pantries at the churches.  I was always devastated by the Feed the Children commercials on television.  I helped the youth bereau in high school around Christmas time, donating food, clothes and toys to homeless people.  I have a soft spot for hungry people and I hope that more people donate to that cause.

It is the same thing with shelter and warmth.  Not everybody has it.  I was taught this too growing up.  Look at the people devastated by the recent wildlife.  They don’t have shelter or warmth.  They are all in shelters.  It is really a shame that not everybody has food, shelter and warmth and we need to be grateful for what we do have.

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