Christmas 2015

I had a blast this Christmas. I went to my father’s house for his Christmas party. I had some food and chatted with people. Then, Christmas morning, I got up to a lot of good presents. I got a lot of clothes, Brian Kilmeade’s book, Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates and a lot of other stuff. I went to church with my father and then, later, we saw family and we had turkey dinner. Grandma’s brother stopped by with a friend, which was nice. One of my aunts is from Alabama and every get-together we have at her house, there seems to be a touch of Southern hospitality at every meal. Place mats at every meal, seasonal dish towels and a seasonal table cloth to decorate the table.

My aunt loves Christmas trees. Every year, she puts up multiple trees. One, the main tree, where the presents are waiting to be open by us, is in the living room. The other trees are spread throughout the horse. They are not real trees, but she decorates them and they always look pretty.

My aunt has been having Christmas dinner at her house for five or six years now ever since they started renting a house from a previous neighbor across the street from us. So now that they have a bigger house, Grandma and I host Thanksgiving and my aunt and uncle host Christmas. She cooked a very good Christmas dinner and then everyone contributed dessert. Grandma and I made chocolate chip cookies and Russian tea cakes, which are made from flour, vanilla extract, nuts and butter. You mix those ingredients together and then, you roll them into balls and bake them for about eleven minutes. After they finish baking, you roll them in confectioners sugar. They are so delicious.

All in all, it was a really nice Christmas.

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