Back to School Tip #3: Use Assistive Technologies

Utilize assistive technology .  This can include software like Bookshare, Kurzweil and Learning Ally.  The three examples that I gave you are text-to-speech software.  I used them and I really liked them.  Two of them show text as they read to you. They are Kurzweil and Bookshare.  However, Learning Ally just reads to the person.  My two favorites were Learning Ally and Bookshare. I liked Learning Ally because of the clear reading voices.  I liked Bookstore because of the text-to-speech aspect.

These types of software can help a child read heavy loads of academic resources.  They can also help college students with disabilities get through that hundred page chapter.  The major tip is: Don’t be afraid to use assistive technologies for homework help.  That is what it is there for.  To use for studying purposes.  If anything, it will help improve grades.  So use them to your advantage.

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