Back to School Tip #1: Stand Up To Bullies

I know that it is a Wednesday, but I wanted to start my back to school tips before it got really late.

Stand up to bullies.  No.  Don’t let your bullies push you around.  They prey upon weaker people and it’s worse than twenty years ago because of social media.  And schools forbid hitting the bully before telling the teacher.  So here is what you should do.

  1. Turn off social media.  Turn off social media for part of the night.  I get it.  You need to share the latest gossip with your friends or plan your Friday night party.  But, kids put things on these sites that don’t belong there.  If things get bad, go to texting.  I’m sure that you will get the same answers.
  2. Know who your friends are.  Find your trustworthy group of friends and stay with them.  If somebody betrays you, cut them off.  You don’t need fake friend drama.
  3. Get help.  If things get really bad, tell a teacher or a guidance counselor.  Part of their job is to stop bullying.

I hope this helps.  Let’s reduce bullying this year.

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