Back to School #2: Don’t Let Anybody Take Advantage of You

I’m going to direct this one to special education kids.  Don’t let anybody take advantage of you.  Let me tell you a story….

I was in high school and I was getting an overload of homework.  I was a freshman getting ready for two New York State Regents so I needed a homework modifier.  I was spending approximately six hours on Earth Science and Algebra.  I wasn’t getting anything else done in my other classes.  So they brought someone in to modify my homework for me.  The next thing I know, the girl was grading me differently than the teacher was on things that didn’t even apply to me and assigning me more homework than I was getting from my real teachers.

No no no.  Don’t let somebody that isn’t your teacher grade you or assign you homework.  People that are assigned a specific job should do only that job, not overstep their boundaries.  They need to be honest with you about their job description.  And if they’re not being honest, tell them.  Don’t let a dishonest person take advantage of you.

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