Article: Something I Would Like To See Get Invented

Now, don’t take me as the 21st century Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton or Stephen Hawking.  I’m not that scientifically knowledgeable. If I didn’t have cerebral palsy, I’d probably be a historian, horseback rider or an artist. Nor do I understand economics.

However, I do understand therapy. I’m writing my invention idea from a therapeutic standpoint and personal standpoint. So what can I bring to the table to assist a person with a disability?  What type of disability would my invention assist?

I’m proposing a body controller for people with movement disorders that are confined to a wheelchair.

“Heather, you’re crazy. It’s virtually impossible to invent something to help someone with a movement disorder. The best treatments are medicine and exercise.”

Yes, the best treatments for a movement disorder are medicine and exercise. But what about those confined to a wheelchair? Could a body controller help those that are wheelchair-bound? I’m imagining almost like a body brace that would fit on an electric wheelchair and it would also support the limbs. When the person has good body movements, it gives less support. When the person has bad body movements, it gives more support. This would be done with a button. My hope is for this to teach those with severe movement problems better body control so eventually, they gain some independence.

What do you think? Helpful, not helpful or the tip of the iceberg?

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