And… Let the Races Begin

I’m sorry that I have been missing in action for a few days.  I started school Monday and I have been doing a lot of work.  I submitted a poem to the school newspaper and I am taking very demanding classes.  I’m taking American Music, Introduction to Philosophy, Physiological Psychology and Spanish.  I have been listening to the audiobooks while reading along.  I use a program called Learning Ally, which reads textbooks to me and that’s really helping me.  I had classes back-to-back today so I’m exhausted.

I am meeting new people.  I socialize at the pool table and that’s fun.  A lot of people seem to hesitate to talk to people with disabilities and I would like to tell people with disabilities that it’s OK to break the ice.  Why don’t you break the ice by starting the conversation with, “Hi”, “Hey”, “How’s it going?”.  Don’t wait for other people to initiate the conversation because a walker or a wheelchair may intimidate them.


Here is the poem that I submitted to the school newspaper.  I hope that you enjoy it

                                    Waiting for Love

The day of red, white and pink is coming

on a train smoking love, love, love from

its smokestacks. The train is carrying hearts

for waiting people at the Sunnydale train

station. Some are soldiers of Blue Town.

Others are soldiers of Lonely Town. And some

are soldiers of success, making a life from scratch.


I’m on the train on the Lonely car. Will a man be

waiting for me in Sunnydale or at the next station?

Is he on another car? Will he be waiting with open

arms, waiting to take me where eagles soar? Only time

will tell as I sit in my seat and pray for a better future.

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