An Encounter at School

I like to watch the pool games at lunchtime and I go try to socialize at the games.  So I’m over there last Monday and I only know one guy over there.  I try talking to him and I try to ask how’s school is going and what he’s taking.  He answers, but then, he’s asking me questions as if to be nice.  I leave to return to the table where my aide is sitting and I conclude that that’s the “cool group”.

I really have a problem with that “cool group” thing.  First of all, what constitutes a person as cool or uncool?  Everyone has problems, even the cool kids have problems.  So why are they excluding the people who are different from them when they are the ones with an acceptance problem?

But I’m going to try again and attempt to make them feel more comfortable around me.  My goal in life is to clarify what it means to have a disability.  We are not in the nineteenth century and we need to move forward with our understanding of any kind of disability.  I met some people with learning disabilities and the ones that I encountered are really sweet people.  They just take longer to learn.  What about people that get diagnosed with multiple sclerosis?  Most of them were born normal and they got sick.  Are you going to ignore them just because they are ill?  Bad things may happen to people, but that doesn’t change who they are.  Please, let’s move away from the discrimination of people with disabilities and integrate them into society.

Thank you

One thought on “An Encounter at School

  1. Maybe he wasn’t trying to be rude.. not everyone has to be friends with everyone they meet, it might have had nothing to do with your disability, maybe he just simply didn’t want to converse at that moment. Im not trying to be rude.. but i just don’t think you should jump to conclusions

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