An Arising Adaptive Sport

There are a lot of adaptive sports such as wheelchair basketball and soccer, but as the idea of modifying sports becomes more popular, more adaptive sports arise.  Check out this video of a boy with cerebral palsy as he goes snorkeling.

Ever since I was young, and even when I was afraid of the water, I wanted to go snorkeling, but couldn’t since I couldn’t swim and water would get into the mask and set my tone off.  But now that I’m getting older and can swim with a life jacket, I wish I could get this special mask and try it.  The mask probably costs a fortune, but I hope that it becomes more popular on the market.  Just like this guy in the video, I wish that I could pursue my dream.  I think that even if your dreams are small like going snorkeling or parasailing, that you have the right to pursue it.  Hopefully I will fulfill this dream in the future.

No matter how small the dream is, you have the right to pursue it.  We discuss this at the support groups a lot.  Say that you have trouble opening a can with the can opener.  You have to start small.  See that you can hold the opener and then work on turning it and cutting the lid of the can open.  It’s the same with big goals.  You work in small steps to accomplish your goals and if you want it bad enough, you work endlessly to achieve it.  Try try and try again until you can’t can try no longer.

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