A Weird Experience

I had a really weird experience today. I was in Walmart and Grandma was doing her own shopping and I was doing mine. I was in the pool aisle and I ran into a woman. She asked if I was OK and then, she said something in Spanish to me and I had no idea what she said and I took it in school.

I feel bad that I have no idea what was said. I took Spanish in school and I loved it.  I loved learning it.  So, I feel bad that I don’t know what her intention was. Minus the fact that I wasn’t paying attention to the words spoken.  Was it a blessing? Whatever it was, I took it to be a positive vibe.

Sometimes, we get a blessing in disguise. We don’t know what it will be, but all that we can do is be grateful that someone cared enough to bless us and take it positively.

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