A Website to Share and a Speech to Give

OK guys. This is a two-part blog. In the first part, I have a website to share and then, I want to talk about a speech I’m giving tomorrow. Sound good?

Alright, let’s go…


Part A. A website to share.

So, one of my readers asked me to share this website with you: https://www.basementguides.com/home-safety-for-people-with-disabilities/. It’s a guide to make your home more handicapped accessible. I always like to share these. My grandfather did some home modification work, and a lot of construction. So whenever I get one of these, I think of him.


Part B. A Speech to Give

Tomorrow, I’m giving a talk to fifth grade class about inspirational people. They read a book called Out of My Mind. It was about how a girl with an AAC device has a photographic memory. They found my blog and asked me to come speak to their 5th grade class.

I’m excited to do this. I don’t know how good I am with kids. I think this will be a learning experience for me and I hope it’s a good one.

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