A Successful End to the Semester

I finished the fall semester on a strong note.  I finished Spanish a day earlier than the rest of the class because I had to write an essay for the final and I handed in the rough draft and then, I was supposed to write the final draft in class, but I handed the essay in and he’s like, “You’re done.  You don’t have to come to class on Thursday”.  He didn’t even do the speaking exam with me so that class ended  on a positive note.

I did my Creative Writing project on Thursday despite the fact that the professor had to read it for me.  I was disappointed that I couldn’t do it on my Dynavox, but the Dynavox is in bad shape.  I’ll hopefully get the new Accent in a few weeks, but the presentation went well.  I thought it was a little short but I got a good grade in the class.

I just had a Child Psychopathology test for the final, but I did good on that.  And then, I finished Art History early.  All in all, it was a good end to the semester.  Anybody that wants to go to college can do it as long as they put their mind to it.  They just need the mind-set to do well.

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