A Second Aide

So after seven or eight months of not receiving community hab, I had a second aide interview last night.  This one was very positive.  The girl that I interviewed was very nice.  She’s got a lot of experience with assisting people.  She is close to my age.  She seems very outgoing.  I was very happy to hire her.

I am still thinking to myself, “Thank goodness that help has arrived”.  Now I am starting to gather ideas of what we can do.  I lack a lot of social experience.  So I hope to build a lot of that up this summer.  And when you are constantly home by yourself, you do a lot of thinking and overthinking.  I remember saying to myself, “What if help never comes because of my disability being too  difficult to handle?” or “Will this person be dedicated to me?”

Let me tell you.  I think that I met a really dedicated, helpful and insightful aide.  She’s doing the background check now and they will keep me updated on when she is cleared.

Can I ask a favor?  If you or someone you know enjoys helping others, please step up and be an aide.  There are a lot of people that don’t have an aide and need one.  I don’t like how there is a shortage of aides with tens of thousands people that need assistance.  And there are a lot of people with all kinds of disabilities that need help from cerebral palsy to autism.  Please reach out and help someone today.

Thank you

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