A Relaxing Vacation

I just got back from a very relaxing vacation in South Carolina.  I went with my family for a week.  The place was called Lake Keowee.  It was on the South Carolina-Georgia border.    We stayed in a community-like development.  It had a swimming pool, fitness center, a boating dock and a playground.  My uncle is fascinated by pontoon boats.  So we went on one for a day.  It was so much fun.  We were on it for eight hours and the ride was amazing.  At one point, my two cousins went in the lake to swim and my uncle tried taking me in the lake.  I was so petrified that I had to get back in the boat.  But at least I tried.

I really enjoyed being with my family and I found it to be very beautiful down there.  I also found the southern hospitality to be very comforting.  Most of all, I enjoyed the scenery I saw as we were traveling.

If my family reads this, I would like to thank them for a wonderful time.

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