A Poem For Today

Here is my most recent poem.  I wrote it in a journal prompt.  It’s about summer and with Memorial Day coming, I thought I would share it with you.  Enjoy!


My shirt is a warm ocean with water stains on it.

My seat feels like a kiddy pool while my shower turns on. I stare

At the crystal blue lake, craving a splashdown.

There isn’t any wind and I draw closer and closer

To closing my heavy binoculars and drifting off to

A much cooler place. Kids are frolicking through the

Rain or jumping into the pool. My walker, which is colored

With a sky-blue paint sits idly in front of me as I drift off

Into a quiet, cool place. I suddenly smell a charcoal aroma

And feel a breeze as the steamy sizzle of the hamburgers and

Hot dogs calls us to dinner.


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