A Poem for Today

So for Creative Writing, I had to write a poem about a place that was important to us.  I wrote about a place that I used to ride at.  I would like to share it with you.  I hope that you enjoy it.

The Farm

The horses neigh to greet their friends.

On weekends, I rode my brown and white

Mare. She was as brown as the bark on the

Trees in the woods. Her white hair reminded me of

Freshly fallen snow.


As I rode her, harmonious music danced in my head.

My back felt like a pole poked it and straightened it up.

My legs got moved a lot; every part of me came alive,

Like I was running a race. The paths and fields were gorgeous.

They were like a pasture out west, stretching for miles and

Miles, from busy streets to quiet woodlands. And on autumn

Days, smoked wood was in the air.


I miss the farm dearly. It made me feel like a farm girl.

I love the westerly feeling of serenity, love and hope.

But I am riding today and I don’t want to hang up

My boots so fresh in life. I just will keep riding the fields

And path until I no longer can.


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