A Poem for Today

Sorry for not posting in a week.  I had a busy week.  I will update you tomorrow, but as the sun sets, I thought that I would post a poem that I recently wrote.  I hope that you enjoy it

Cottage Comfort


As I settle in for the night

I turn off my cot’s sun and

Hunker down beneath my

Quilt.  Here the quiet land

Surrounds me.  No new

Bothers can come upon me

Because all the things now shrewd

Are not in here where it’s homey.


I have my quill next to my bed,

And I start a trip down south

Where I can relax my body and head.

So I put to rest my power mouth,

And I stare at my covered torso.

Light it is, but I love its old feel.

Grandma made it years ago

Working on it after the evening meal.


I go into a slumber.

Lo and behold, I ignore the cold.

The hours I don’t want to number

Until to get up I am told.

Tomorrow I will be warm

With fishing and hiking to do.

Nothing will tire me before heading back to the farm

Because I will be relaxed as soup.


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