A New Aide

I met with the potential aide and I knew she was the one.  She seemed really gentle and we had a lot in common.  She knows a lot about disability advocacy and she’s got a ton of experience.  I feel like she’s going to teach me a lot about getting out and about.  She’s also very talkative.  Just from her phone calls, Grandma said that she’s a talker.  One thing that I picked up right away is that she’s extremely patient.  She has great credentials and I think she has a lot to offer me.  She’s got a good idea of what’s going on in the area.

It is a disgrace that my agency couldn’t get me an aide.  There is a cry for more aides in this tanking economy and it’s sad.  I knew a couple of people that are still waiting for aides.  I had waited four months for some help and it wasn’t until I made some noise on local groups on Facebook that I got help.  It’s absolutely disgraceful.  I hope someone reads this and sees how broken just the aide industry is.  We, as Americans, should have the right to assistance without the wait.  Now I just saw a sign at Walmart for a home health aide.  I thought to myself, “A home health aide should automatically be replaced by an agency”.

I’m writing this blog as a call of action.  We the people with disabilities are not getting the assistance we need.  We are hiring our own aides.  No state agency has aides to send out to people that really need them.  People with disabilities.  We need to be calling our senators and representatives to address this issue.  We run our government.  The government doesn’t run us.  If we want to start a movement, it should be the Aides Are Needed movement and that part of discrimination needs to cease.

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