A Job Offering

I must have applied for a job at Bear Mountain two or three years ago because I was job hunting for a summer position because I wouldn’t always get a job at Museum Village. I didn’t hear back from them. So all of a sudden, maybe a month after the pool incident, I got a call from them offering me a job. It would start as volunteer job doing data entry and maybe turn into a paying job. I could work from home and e-mail my work in. Could they feel bad about the pool incident?

I’m hoping to work for them over winter break. I have a lot of homework this semester so I can’t start now, but I hope that I get this job and eventually, make some money. I’m psyched for this position and a new experience.

One thought on “A Job Offering

  1. That is awesome, heather! Andrew use to volunteer at Bear Mountain in and around the Zoo. The woman who was in charge is Elaine Brown. If you meet her, tell her you are Andrew’s friend!

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