A Frustrating Week

I apologize for not posting in almost 2 weeks. My home lost power for a week due to Hurricane Sandy and it was a frustrating week.

Thank goodness nobody in my area was hurt or killed, but lots of residents lost power. Some people had generators so somebody lent us one, which was a real help. My uncle was lucky the same guy lent him another one. Thanks to him, we were able to charge my Dynavox batteries.

Due to the outage, our daily routines were changed around. We got breakfast from McDonald’s, which was enjoyable, but after day 6 or so, I began missing home-cooked meals. McDonald’s  doesn’t have the healthiest meals on Earth.

Fortunately, my dad never lost power. So we went to his house for a few hours during the day. Going from a life like people lived in the 18th century to modern life felt good. I guess I’ll never become Amish.

Always be grateful for what you have because you’ll never know if you’ll lose it. You also need to prepare for such natural disaters. If you’re told to evacuate, then do so, especially if you have medical equipment you use (wheelchairs, walkers etc). You don’t want such things lost as it cost money to replace them.

So be thankful for what you’ve got. The storm could’ve been worse.

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