A Compliment in Stop-and-Stop

I usually don’t talk about this but I had a positive experience today in the grocery store.

Err.  Let’s backtrack a little.  I have been on a medicine to help me control my movements.  I have been taking both pills at night because I don’t like to be sleepy during the day and whatnot.  But just recently, I have been taking one pill in the morning and I have been feeling really tired in the day.  I don’t like to be tired in the day because I have school starting tomorrow and I want to be alert.

But I have been noticing that my body has been really still. And today, one of the store associates stops me.  He has to be the oldest one there.  He has a speech problem but he’s a really nice guy.  He stops me and says, “Your hands are better”.

I stopped and thought, Oh my goodness.  He’s right.  I didn’t notice that.

I have been so focused on getting ready for school that I didn’t take time to notice any body changes.  I have been feeling like I need extra help at nighttime, but as I write this, I wonder if this is a new chapter in my life where my body gets better.  Time will tell.

I would like to push people to discover more medicine for conditions like cerebral palsy, spina bifida and many more.  Movement disorders in particular need to be treated.  Or maybe new equipment can be invented.  Maybe there can be an arm stabilizer for people with movement disorders that are in wheelchairs.  There are some arm stabilizers, but what if they could move to let people set the dinner table or feed themselves.  I don’t have any training in entrepreneurship or business, let alone business, but I would love to draw up a few interesting ideas in equipment or medicine.  Or I would love to assist the scientists in research.  It is time to help people in need.  If we can’t get aides to assist us then we need to look into self-help through medicine and equipment.

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