A Class Switch

So I have never been one to complain about a class.  I have had a few professors that I didn’t like but I could tolerate them.  But my Introduction to Philosophy professor was terrible.  All he did was lecture: no notes, no questions were to be asked and no homework.  I had spent three weeks in the class and finally I went to my adviser and I dropped the course and I picked up a class called the History of Psychology.  I had the professor that teaches this class before and he’s excellent.  He is really interactive with his students and really understands people with special needs.  This professor runs Pathways, which supplies people with notetakers if they need it.  He is a really nice guy so I’m happy that I got into his class.

I may have a lot to catch up on but I will do it.  Missing three weeks of work is better than not understanding a class at all and failing.  If I failed Introduction to Philosophy, I would have had to take the same class with the same professor again.  So I am happy with my decision to switch classes regardless of the consequences and I will work my tailbone off to catch up.

Never settle for a bad situation because if you can get out of it, get out.  I was sitting in class Wednesday, which was my Philosophy class and I decided that I had no choice but to drop the class.  I wasn’t getting it and I was doing all of the reading and I still wasn’t getting it.  Don’t let a class intimidate you.  As long as you can get a professor that you can learn from, you’ll be fine.

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