What a wacky situation I found myself in Tuesday morning.

My aide and I had just gotten on the ambullette and we had a driver we’ve never had before. He seemed nice-no driver abuse or anything. He was a kind man, just had a thing or two to learn.

Nobody is perfect and everybody has flaws. I get that. The guy apparently had an autistic son. The son must have a low degree of autism because the man said something peculiar to me. As my aide was helping me off, the driver said, “Have a nice day. If you’re good, maybe the teacher will give you a lollipop.”

What? You said that to me, a college student? I forgive him for his mistake, but I kind of felt embarrassed when he said it.

My advice for everyone is to think where you are and who you’re with. I get you sometimes forget who you’re with and sometimes words just slip out. But sometimes, things accidentally are said that hurt or embarrassed. Please try to avoid it. People might take it wrong and get angry or embarrassed. I didn’t like what was said and other people with disabilities might not appreciate it either.

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